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Fitness Classes

Health and Wellness Brochure

Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

Travis Pointe Country Club offers a wide variety of fitness classes, days, and times to assist all of our members with their fitness goals. Our outstanding instructors provide a safe, instructional, and fun way to start or continue down a path to a healthier you. There are also personal training options for the individual, couple, and groups.

Sample Fitness Class Offerings

Water Fitness

This is a workout combining flexibility training, aerobic conditioning, and strength training; all in a low-impact environment. Depending on your intensity you can burn 400-700 calories in an hour of Cardio Aquacise! Water is a gentle way to exercise joints and muscles. 


Ab & Stretch & A Bit More

This is a class that demonstrates essential, easy to follow flexibility and abdominal training exercises right on the mat. Perfect for those with lower back pain, who need to develop core strength by targeting the upper and lower abdominals, as well as lower back. Techniques will be used that release excess tension while promoting flexibility and balance in the body. Great for Golfers and Tennis players.

Fit Explosion

This class works your entire body-- heart and muscles--by going from one exercise to another with minimal rest. However, you will go at your own pace! The workouts will include calisthenics and body weight exercises. You work, you sweat, and best of all, you burn calories like crazy.

Dance Fitness

This is a class rooted in traditional dance such as JAZZ, HiP HOP, and BALLET. The foundational moves create dance routines that are easy enough for beginners yet challenging enough for the more seasoned dancer. The simplicity of the routines keeps us moving with less thinking. The average calories burned during a full class is approximately 750! Not bad for a workout that feels more like a dance party with your girlfriends.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is a flowing and dynamic practice that links movement and breath. It is a steady dynamic flow of connected yoga asanas (postures). Class will emphasize sun salutations, standing postures, and some seated postures and back bends. The intention for practice is to improve awareness, focus and mindfulness, as well as, building strength, opening the body, and improving balance.


In my Pilates class, you can expect to be challenged, not only physically, but mentally. I work to connect you with muscles you didn't even know existed. These deep muscles are the muscles that often get neglected but are most important in keeping your body functional and strong. My goal is to take give you a better understanding of your body and how to apply what we do in class to everyday life. Pilates is NOT Yoga, although there are a few things that cross over. Yoga is more spiritual, while Pilates is scientific. Pilates will help you improve your mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, and endurance.

High Intensity Pilates

This is a low impact, energetic, and challenging class that combines Pilates principals with more challenging moves. We focus on low weights and high reps that will bring muscles to complete fatigue. Benefits include; improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility, and reduced stress.