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Let Us Help You Master Your Game

Our members are fortuntate to have some of the best Professionals available to help learn and improve their games.

Mike Areddy has been the Head Golf Professional at Travis Pointe since 1990. A graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Mike has been a PGA Member for more than 15 years. He has attended PGA business Schools I and II, as well as various annual golf seminars. Mike is considered one of the top teaching pros in the state and has a loyal following of Travis Pointe members.

Mike caddied at Franklin Hills from 1969-1974 and was a Shop Assistant there from 1974-1979. He was an Assistant Golf Professional there from 1979-1984 and an Assistant Golf Professional at Pine Lake from 1985-1989 prior to joining Travis Pointe.

In December 2009, Mike was featured in PGA Magazine and accredited for his expertise in custom fitting golf clubs for his clientele. He declares that his more than 20 years of teaching and 18-plus years of club fitting experience allow him to fit clubs, in most cases, simply with the “trained eye”. Mike also works closely with manufacturers and club retailers to ensure the best possible fit for any client.

Now Mike is offering his "On Pointe" Pro Tips to WTKA Sport Talk Radio listeners. Click on a link below to hear why membership at Travis Pointe Country Club offers so much more than just 18 holes of golf. Or, click here to hear Mike's "Michigan Insider" interview.


The Bunker Shot            Proper Chipping Reading The Green Short Game Ball Position The Mental Side
Hybrid Putting Spring Tune-Up   Taking Advantage of a Downwind  Tight Lie, Short Shot The Right Grip
Bump & Run Teeing The Ball Golf Swing Basics Understanding Elevation Timing & Rhythm
Club Choice In The Wind Divot Repair Etiquette Fairway Bunker Shot Keep Your Head Down
Organizing Your Golf Bag Golf Posture Proper Grip Side Hill Lie Uneven Lies
Large Headed Drivers Bunker Play The Right Clubs Drills To Improve Your Game Flare Your Lead Foot
Follow Through Getting Started Practice Range Golf Axis Better Putting
Choosing The Right Course Fitness Tips Getting Out Of The Sand Hitting Into The Grain Putting With Loft
Hitting Out Of A Divot Improve Your Swing Pre-Shot Routine Proper Alignment Smart Swing
Straight Arms The Backswing Will Lessons Improve My Game